Competency-based assessment, introduced by the late Harvard professor Dr. David McClelland in the 1970s, is now the most popular and effective form of talent selection.

Competency-based assessments are the most reliable means of selection for both hiring and promotion because:
• Unlike IQ tests, they focus on gathering evidence of behavioral traits that differentiate star performers from average ones
• Unlike conventional interviews and tests that focus on hypothetical situations, competency-based assessments focus on evidence from actual experiences that more reliably predict future behavior

Sea Change Partners offers two types of service in the area of competency-based assessment:
• Executive 360º assessments: an in-depth competency-based assessment comprised of an interview and 360º data gathering, with an individual feedback and personal development planning session (follow-on coaching is optional)
• Talent selection: a competency-based assessment based on an in-depth interview and an analysis of "fit-to-role" based on a template of job requirements

We partner with our clients in two ways:
• Using our own consultants to conduct the assessments and prepare feedback reports and recommendations, or
• Training our clients to conduct the assessments (based on an existing template of job requirements, one we co-develop with the client, or one we provide)

The benefits of competency-based assessment and selection include:
• Improved employee and business unit performance
• Reduced employee turnover
• Reduced recruitment and training costs



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