Welcome to Sea Change Partners, LLC.

Sea Change/see chanynj: a fundamental and profound change; a transformation

Building a successful business is simple; it’s just not easy. All it takes is visionary leadership and talented, motivated and empowered employees. Most business leaders know the importance of these, yet many are challenged to achieve them.

Sea Change Partners, LLC applies world-class tools, processes and expertise to:

  • Help leaders communicate a compelling vision to employees
  • Enhance leaders' capabilities in motivating, coaching and developing employees and building positive relationships at all levels of the organization
  • Ensure that talent selection, training, performance management and other such systems and processes support organizational mission and goals
  • Support talented executives through career transitions

Our founding partners have several decades of combined experience in leadership, career management and organizational development. We use highly research-validated assessment tools, such as the Goleman-Boyatzis-Hay Group Emotional Competence Inventory™ and the Hay Group Leadership Styles™ and Organizational Climate™ surveys. We have also developed proprietary methodologies to test and improve alignment of systems and processes with organizational culture and values.

Sea Change Partners has collaborated with leading curriculum designers around the country to create individual and group development programs that enhance leadership, management and team effectiveness. These programs have had a positive, measurable impact on both individual and organizational performance.

Let us partner with you to make a Sea Change in your business!

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