Core six-module program that can be completed in three to six months, in a biweekly, mostly "lunch and learn" format.

The modules are designed to:

  • Educate participants on styles of leadership that research has proven create the most conducive work environment for high employee performance.
  • Increase participants' awareness of their preferred styles, and the impact these have on those they lead.
  • Broaden participants' repertoire of styles, so that they are able to apply the most effective styles (which may not be their preferred style) in various situations.

The modules comprise film case studies, experiential exercises, skills-building sessions and peer coaching sessions. They can be delivered by Sea Change facilitators or trained internal facilitators. The core modules can also be interspersed with related content modules delivered by internal facilitators.


Early in the program, participants will complete the Hay Group (McClelland Institute) Leadership Styles Inventory and Organizational Climate Survey (with self-rating and direct report feedback). Each program participant will receive a detailed feedback report and a one-on-one consultation to review the assessment results and prepare a personal development plan.

We recommend that participants repeat the Organizational Climate Survey six months later, to measure improvement and identify any areas in need of further work.


  • Enhanced awareness of one's preferred leadership styles and the impact of these on their direct reports' performance
  • A broader repertoire of leadership styles developed through individual and group-based learning activities, practice in class and on the job, and peer coaching
  • Improved work climate that leads to enhanced employee performance

*We use highly research-validated assessment instruments such as the Emotional Competence Inventory ™, the Leadership Styles Inventory™, Leadership Competency Inventory™ and others developed by the McClelland Institute. Assessments are self or multi-rater-based.

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