Why "Dynamic" Performance Management™ ?

... "performance management" itself is about more than year-end appraisals, it's about setting direction and giving coaching throughout the year
...and because...
…performance management itself must be "dynamic," or ever changing, to support changes in the business

Our Dynamic Performance Management™ process:

• Facilitates cascading a company's Strategic Intent (vision, mission, growth strategy and values) into business unit or departmental objectives, then to individual performance objectives
• Integrates individual role definition, performance targets and competency development requirements into an updated annual performance plan linked to organizational goals
• Enables collaboration among managers, employees and HR in setting and achieving performance and development goals
• Provides managers with a roadmap for continuous coaching that keeps employees focused and empowered to attain performance and development goals (coaching training is provided as needed)
• Transforms year-end reviews from a dreaded chore into an opportunity for joint evaluation of achievements and work remaining to be done, and a springboard for the next round of performance planning

The benefits of Dynamic Performance Management™ include:
• Improved communication
• Improved employee and business unit performance
• Improved employee retention



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