Culture Chec™ Method
...a process to
Create Healthy and Energizing Cultures

Company &quotculture&quothas been identified as the single most important internal factor driving business performance.
Smart companies recognize that they must consciously foster a healthy company culture that energizes employees to perform at their best. They have cultures by design, not by default.

Culture is created primarily by the behavior of leaders and managers, and secondarily by the systems, processes and infrastructure that comprise the organization's "architecture." These shape the beliefs, attitudes and empowerment of employees, which in turn affect their motivation and performance.

Sea Change Partners has developed a streamlined method of assessing company culture and pinpointing aspects of behavior and organizational architecture that adversely impact company culture. We then collaborate with you to close gaps between actual and ideal and create a culture that supports business success.

Targeted Outcomes of Culture CHEC™ method:

• 360-degree feedback and personal development plans for members of the leadership team (follow-on coaching optional)
• Leadership team development program if needed
• Managerial development program, if needed, comprised of:
• Audit of organizational architecture and its effectiveness in supporting managers and other employees in their work. "Organizational architecture" is comprised of the systems, processes and infrastructure for both human resource management (such as performance management) and for business operations (such as information technology).
• Recommendations on how to close gaps between existing organizational architecture and that needed to achieve Targeted Culture


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